SMTP Server Address

At the hotel trying to find an SMTP server address? I’ve been there — I knew I needed a new SMTP server address but had no idea how to change my SMTP server settings. Fortunately I discovered how to use a global SMTP server — thought I’d spread the word since it worked so well for me.

Find a global SMTP server provider (see a list of recommended SMTP Servers in the sidebar) — many have free trials so you can get up and running at no cost — and follow the instructions to replace your SMTP server with theirs. Good providers generally provide detailed setup instructions for a range of email clients and offer some kind of support whether it’s email support or help forums. Once the free trial ends, you can expect to pay under $5/month for access, more if you need a high volume of email. Not too expensive and you can usually bill your company for the expense. It’s also nice because once you replace your SMTP server with a global one, you don’t need to make the change again.

The service also has instructions for changing your SMTP server address for lots of different email applications whether it’s Outlook 2000-2010, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Eudora as well as Blackberry and iPhone.

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