Solve SMTP Problem


Why can’t I send email from the hotel? We see a lot of emails with this question, and although it seems complicated, solving this communication problem is actually quite simple.

You know the grumpy IT guy? He configured your mail with SMTP settings that work locally to your office (and didn’t tell you how to change them when you travel. Nice). That means when you travel, your email application is unable to find its usual mail server. As a result, you’re unable to send or receive email.

Any time you’re out of the office, you need to change the email settings to a new SMTP server. If you don’t happen to know one (does anyone?), don’t worry — global STMP servers work worldwide (check out my recommend links in the sidebar).

Once you make this change, you can check email from the home office or anywhere you travel without worrying about having to reconfigure your SMTP settings.

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