Top 10 Business Travel Tips

find-smtp-serverI enjoyed this post from the New York Times on the Top 10 Business Travel tips. This is a fairly pared down approach to traveling, but there are some common-sense nuggets like:

-Don’t rush to board or de-plane. This is a favorite of mine and one I’ve adopted because invariably, you rush to wait. Let the stressed-out passengers jump up to get off the plane while you stay put and get up when the aisle clears.

-Look for a back row seat. If the plane is lightly booked (unfortunately that happens less and less nowadays) you can often find a seat in the back and get a row all to yourself.

-Pack everything in a backpack. Admittedly, this is going to work better for IT types than executives, but I like the idea of paring down what you bring on a trip.

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